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Time to give EJB 3.0 a serious look

Senior Java architects like myself have complained for years that the EJB standard and its associated programming model was overly complex and probably didn’t provide a good return on investment. While EJB 2.x was a big improvement over 1.x, the new EJB 3.x spec seems poised to finally allow an actual reduction of both code and complexity for persisting business objects. If you haven’t already done so, check out the EJB 3.0 second early draft. I’ve been programming with JDK 5.0 and EJB 3.x for about a month and have found that using POJOs for entities, the richer association model, annotations for meta data, and much nicer EJB QL will, in my opinion, give EJB 3.x the kind of following that the 2.x and earlier versions never received.

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