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Peer to peer messaging middleware

As we all know, SOA (service oriented architecture) is not a technology, it is a way of architecting and designing complex distributed systems so that real business value is gained and maintained. As SOA begins to make sense to more and more companies, they start to shop around for open source and commercial tools that will help enable an SOA in their environment. One of the first tools they try to select is an ESB (enterprise service bus) like Sonic or a JBI compliant container like ServiceMix. While an ESB is not the same as a message queue (MQ), a solid MQ is certainly a requirement in any decent SOA. I ran across the MantaRay open source peer to peer messaging suite. What’s unique about it is that it’s simple to install, requires no centralized broker, and is JMS compliant. If you’re embarking on SOA or are looking at a slightly different way of message passing, check out MantaRay.

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