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IronPython (Python for .NET) 1.0 Beta 1 is out

You can now download IronPython 1.0 Beta 1. I think this is big news for .NET because dynamic languages like Perl, Ruby, and Python are at the forefront of modern language design. I’m still a C++, C#, and Java guy at heart (because I work with large programming groups) but I really love Perl and Ruby, too because they make me more productive.

The reason I think IronPython is big news for .NET is that it demonstrates .NET is a real platform for rapid development beyond the tired and now stodgy Visual Basic. If you develop your code in Python, you can now run it in .NET, in Java (JPython), on Linux, on Windows, etc. The more we see languages targeted for the .NET platform that can use source code from other platforms, the better it is for .NET.

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