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Event: Profiling the Agile Architect

As many of you know, last year I co-founded the International Association of Software Architects’ (IASA) Mid-Atlantic Chapter and we’ve had some great events in the DC area. This Thursday we’ve got Jeff Nielsen, Chief Scientist at Digital Focus, talking to us about Agile Architecture. Jeff trains and mentors teams and individuals in the use of agile methodologies and has over 19 years of commercial software development experience; he has architected a number of mission-critical and enterprise-level systems.

Jeff’s talk on Thursday, which is being held in Reston from 6 to 9p, is called “Profiling the Agile Architect.” Based on years of experience leading development in a prominent all-agile company, Jeff describes “the ideal architect on an agile software development team”. According to Jeff, “in my work leading and coaching agile teams, I have observed that having an effective architect on the project is essential to the overall success of the project and of the system being built.”

Check out the announcement.

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