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Database migration tool

I’ve been involved in a few large scale database migration efforts in the past few years and usually ended up custom coding or using an ETL tool to help. I just ran across the Monarca database migration tool that seems pretty nice. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but plan to soon. Although it’s commercial, it’s pretty cheap (about $800 per license) so it’s easy to give it a shot. The company describes the tool as

…With Monarca you can easily import, integrate, transform, validate and migrate data from any-to-any existing databases.

Monarca takes high advantages of the ultimate Java Database Connectivity Technology (JDBC) allowing migrating data from any-to-any JDBC-ODBC database compliant. You can migrate from Fox dBase® to Oracle®, from Microsoft Access® to IBM DB2®, from Informix® to PostgreSQL®, from Microsoft Excel® to MySQL®, from Sybase® to Oracle®, etc. Just plug-in your preferred JDBC Driver for your source and target databases and let Monarca do the entire job for you.

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