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AppRocket helps keep your hands on the keyboard

If you’re a heavy keyboard user (and what programmer or technical person isn’t) you probably get tired of grabbing the mouse to go to the quick launch bar or click the start menu to start an application. If you want to keep your hands on the keyboard and quickly navigate all the applications and folders on your workstation, give AppRocket a try. On my OS X box I use LaunchBar which is a little nicer than AppRocket but I’ve found AppRocket to be much better than many other application navigation utilities on my Windows box. When I’m on my UNIX boxes using bash I use CDPATH and AppRocket and LaunchBar are like CDPATH on steroids because they give you incremental searching of all kinds of different OS elements and not just files and directories. AppRocket requires .NET 1.1, though so if you don’t have .NET on your machine you’ll be asked to download it during installation.

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